Monday, December 31, 2012

Light your candle!

So this is the beginning of a new year! This year I have quite a few resolutions, most of them involve being a better wife, mother, and homemaker. I have also decided to start a blog all about making my house a home. That is my goal this year. I will be sharing recipes, cleaning tips, and any other things that come to mind. I have also found some great blogs that I LOVE and I might post links to those as well!
So my first tip that I have found to Make my House a Home is a really simple one that I have started doing in my house and I hope some of you might do as well, it is simply
Light a Candle
Yup you read that right light a candle and place it in a room in your house that is used frequently (mine is in my kitchen) as you are going through your day whenever the flame catches your eye stop and say a preayer for your family. If you know your husband is having a rough day, pray for his day to get better, if you know that your child is sick or in pain or having a test ect, pray for them. Pray for peace in your house. There are so many things you can pray for. I have noticed since doing this in my house there is more peace, more love, and just a calming presence in our house.
I light my candle when I get home from work and blow it out before I go to bed. I have gone through quite a few candles in the last few months, and I love having them burning in my house.
This is something simple that you can do with me to make your house a home!

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