Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Love Letters

I love my husband very much, but sometimes I don't feel like I show it very well. I think everyone has moments like that right? No? OK well maybe its just me, but anyway, this year I decided to do something special for my husband. I am writing him a love letter every day. It has only been two days, and He likes it already! I hope to keep it up every day this year, that is my goal.

The Bible says in Titus 2:4b love their husbands... this verse is talking about the older women teaching the younger woman to be good wives, and mothers. We as ladies need to learn to be good wives, and there are many ladies in the churches today who are the older woman who do not love their husbands the way they should. Do I love my husband the way I should? Do I do everything I can to show him that I love him?

I want to show my husband this year that I do love him, it is my way of Making my House a little more of a Home.

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