Thursday, January 10, 2013

Daddy cooked dinner

As some of you may know I work as a secretary in a Christian school and we are under construction in our office area. It will be very nice when it is over, however for the time being it is quite a different environment in the school building.

Today I was at the back desk working when about 5 kids came running down the hallway screaming about something, it was quite a serious thing that I ended up having to deal with. In getting to the situation, I had to jump over some boxes, run down a hallway, deal with a bunch of students, and move a teachers desk. By the end of it all I hurt my back pretty bad. I am not sure what happened, but I ended up being hurt bad enough I was unable to even pick up our daughter.

In the way home I was talking to my husband and trying to figure out how I was going to make dinner, when my loving husband offered to pick up dinner for us! That made me so happy! I love to cook for my family and I am trying new recipes and trying to cook even more, but tonight was just not a night I was going to be able to cook.

He picked up Ledo's for dinner and took us home, he took care of Grace and let me lay down and rest. It is so good to have a husband who is so loving and kind to me. He understands when I need a bit of help and he helps me.

If you are married you have a good man too! You need to remember to be thankful for him. God gave each of us the man we are to have and we need to remember to be loving and kind to that man. Don't start thinking about what your life would have been like if you had married someone different. We need to show our man how grateful we are that he is who he is. We need to show him that we love him and that he is the best man we could ever have.

Showing your husband that you love and appreciate him is a great way to Make your house more of a home.

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