Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Taking time out

For any of you that know me very well and know where we live you will know that my life and schedule is CRAZY!!!

My husband and I both work from 7-3:30/4:00 every day. We also run the church youth group and jr church program. Both of those are very time consuming. My husband is also taking classes on Tuesday nights and we are raising our 14 month old daughter.

Recently we have been going non stop every day. We have had things going on every evening as well as every weekend.

This week is valentines week and we have things going on most nights this week as well. Because of this we will be celebrating on Friday!

Levi has made plans for me all day on Friday. He has gotten me the day off of work and had made surprise plans for me! I have yet to find out what they are and will not find out until Friday morning.

I am so excited to have a day off just to relax and rest. I do know that I will be meeting up with Levi for dinner and I can not wait!

I hope all of you have a great valentines day as well! (And yes I will tell you what my surprise day was!)

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